Shadow World Beginnings 2nd Edition

By Martin Golson

Shadow World Beginnings

New Edition

A prophecy, a lie, and a chance encounter set in motion a chain of events that threaten to bring Shadow World to ruin.

Illomen saves a life and unwittingly brings a prophecy to pass. Now, war has begun. Whether battling from the backs of dragons, high above Shadow World; storming through the passages below Ciardha Crag; or fighting across the fiery pits of Hell; he must use every resource at his disposal to win. While Illomen struggles to save his world, he finds that his opponent uses treachery, cruelty, and magic unlike any the world has ever seen to fight against him. As the war intensifies, his foe sets his sight on a new target, Earth.

In this prequel to Shadow World Revealed, the reader meets the Dark Lord and discovers the true stakes for the invasion of Earth.

Urban Fantasy Author

Martin Golson

Martin started his storytelling when his children were little. He would tell his own version of classic fairy tales. The children loved how the ending was always different.

As the children grew, Martin would create his own story lines for the family Dungeons & Dragons game. They still remember the fun times they had playing the game together and some of the funny things that happened in the game, such as a monster called Santa Claws.

When asked what he plans to do after this series, he is quick to reply that he has already started the next series.

Martin Golson


Nice start to a very promising series

I thoroughly enjoyed this offering from author Martin Golson. It was suspenseful and action-packed with some very interesting characters. I look forward to the books to come in the Shadow World Chronicles. I highly recommend!

Jason Grossman

Best book ive read in a while

A good book. The characters are engaging and dynamic. The story is comical at times yet still very gripping and exciting

Pen Name


…I’ve been so eager to get my hands on this book! XD Finally my dream came true, can’t wait to see what happens next

UPDATE: this final novel is sooo worth it. I’m tired and sleep deprived however even though he leaves us at an intangible ending this time it can also count as an ending. A lot happened in this novel that ties lose ends together and whether he writes a new story or a final conclusion I’d be interested in reading it.


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