Who is Elaine?

Who is Elaine in Shadow World Chronicles?

I was chatting with a couple of online friends the other day. While one has read all of the Shadow World Chronicles, the other has only reached the farm incident in the first book. Unfortunately, his glasses broke and he is now forced to wait until his optometrist opens back up before he can read again (Don’t ask me how he manages to chat online. I assume he just enlarges the font.) During the course of the conversation, my friend who has read the series mentioned how she was feeling very frustrated with a particular person and was about to, “Unleash her inner Elaine.” This comment puzzled my other friend and he asked us who Elaine is.

For a moment, I sat speechless, unsure of how to respond to such a question. A full explanation would spoil some of the story for him, but dodging the question would leave him frustrated. After a moment, I offered the following: “Elaine is a powerful figure in my books. She is a leader who knows what she needs to accomplish and is willing to confront any obstacle that stands in her way.” My friend seemed satisfied with the explanation, but I was left wondering if I could have provided a better response.

So, here is my question to you: If you were placed in a similar situation, how would you explain who Elaine is? Post your answer in the comments below.

Who is Elaine?

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