Shadow World Triumphant

Shadow World Chronicles Book 4

An Urban Fantasy Novel

by Martin Golson

At the end of Shadow World Enflamed, the reader was left hanging and there were may questions that needed answers.

Illomen has been banished from Earth and Shadow World. He has been banished to just a very distant uninhabited world, along with the titans, his wife and their dragons. Yet, people are waiting for him to return and save them.



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Shadow World Triumphant

Preview and Overview

7 Chapters

335 Pages

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” ~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War

With Illomen banished, Iquang’s forces move quickly to enslave the Earth. Even as his plans near completion, a small resistance force remains. A single message drives those who oppose Iquang, “Illomen will return.” But, can any force withstand the onslaught Hell has prepared to unleash on the Earth?

The stage is set for the final assault on Nashville. This time, there will be no retreat and no quarter as both sides battle for their ultimate victory.


5-star rating

…I’ve been so eager to get my hands on this book! XD Finally my dream came true, can’t wait to see what happens next

UPDATE: this final novel is sooo worth it. I’m tired and sleep deprived however even though he leaves us at an intangible ending this time it can also count as an ending. A lot happened in this novel that ties lose ends together and whether he writes a new story or a final conclusion I’d be interested in reading it.

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