Shadow World Triumphant Coming Soon

The next book in the Shadow World Chronicles Series is Shadow World Enflamed. We’re hoping to have it ready for release by the end of July. Since the book is already written, it’s just a matter of editing it, then formatting for print. Once the file is submitted for print, then we have to order a proof copy and go through it for editing, again. It’s amazing how many mistakes can be missed with the earlier edits, that you find when it’s in an actual book.

You wouldn’t believe how many times we have to go through the book to check for mistakes. My wife and I both go through the book at least two or three times each before we get the proof. If there are enough mistakes in the first proof, we’ll then order a second proof after correcting the mistakes. My wife has commented that if the books weren’t really good, she would have a hard time reading through them that many times, one right after the other. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as she does.

We will keep you updated as to the progress of this book and when we get closer to the release, we should be able to give you a rough idea of when it will be available.

Martin Golson

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