Shadow World Revealed

Shadow World Chronicles Book 1

An Urban Fantasy Novel

by Martin Golson

Do you love to read urban fantasy? Shadow World Revealed is an urban fantasy novel that starts in Nashville, Tennessee, with a murder scene. There are some things at that murder scene that just don’t add up. Plus, there is a strange man, named Darok Illomen that is hanging around. 

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Preview and Overview

21 Chapters

378 Pages

Great power and greater evil reign over the creatures of Shadow World. Now, they have found their way to Earth.

On a rainy night in Nashville, Detective Brian Medcalf is called to the scene of a grisly murder. What he soon discovers is that, while the victim was a man he would not want to meet in a dark alley, the murderer is someone he wouldn’t even want to meet in broad daylight.

As Brian launches into the investigation, he finds that wondrous creatures and strange technologies have found their way into his life; none stranger than Darok Illomen. Murderer, illusionist, terrorist, warrior, savior, or destroyer; who is Darok and what is he after? Soon, the lives of everyone Brian loves will hinge on the answers to these questions.

Nice start to a very promising series

5-star rating
I thoroughly enjoyed this offering from author Martin Golson. It was suspenseful and action-packed with some very interesting characters. I look forward to the books to come in the Shadow World Chronicles. I highly recommend!

Best book I've read in a while

5-star rating
 A good book. The characters are engaging and dynamic. The story is comical at times yet still very gripping and exciting


A real edge of your seat book

5-star rating

It’s a very intriguing and suspenseful book. It is never predictable and is vastly action packed. I love it


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Shadow World Revealed

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