Shadow World Revealed New Edition

Shadow World Revealed New Edition

A new edition of Shadow World Revealed is finally finished. Exciting news!! This urban fantasy is now available in both the Kindle edition and paperback, to purchase from Amazon. You can get the Kindle version here and you can get the paperback here.  Just so you know, the story is the same. Only the cover has changed.

Here’s the story of how we came up with the new version of the cover for the book. Last month, when we went to our oldest granddaughter’s graduation, her dad made some observations about the cover of the book and how it didn’t really fit the genre. He suggested having a portal with an image of Nashville showing through the portal.

However, when he saw the initial draft of the new cover, he felt like it still wasn’t quite right. After that, he came up with the idea of having Nashville reflected in the eye of a dragon, instead of a portal.

It took several revisions to finally get the dragon looking the way we wanted it to look. From there, it was a matter of finding a complimentary color that would show up for the title. We really like the way it came out, now that it’s all finished.

The next step is to create the revised covers for the others books in the Shadow World Chronicles. Each new edition will have a different colored dragon, with a different image in the eye.

Feel free to leave a comment to let us know what you think of the revised cover. We would love to hear from you.

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