Shadow World Enflamed Update

Just want to give you an update on how the next book is coming. We recently finished the second edit on Shadow World Enflamed. Since the corrections were plentiful, I decided that we needed to do a third edit. Hopefully, when we’re done with this edit, we can format for the proof.

This publishing process is a constant learning experience. I think we are getting better at it each time we go through it, though. If this edit and the proof go well, we will definitely be on time for the release of the third book in the Shadow World Chronicles series. We are hoping to have it ready around the end of July.

Just to give you a little hint about Shadow World Enflamed, it picks up where Book 1, Shadow World Revealed left off, only a few minutes later. Book 2, Shadow World Beginnings, is a prequel, but you won’t want to read it before you read book one or it will spoil some of the surprises in the first book.

Have you read the first book, Shadow World Revealed, yet? Join my mailing list and you will get the ebook FREE. Shadow World Revealed starts out like a murder mystery, but then some strange things start to happen.  I would like to hear what you think of it. If you’re not sure if it would be something you would like or not, just go HERE and read the sample of if from Amazon.

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