Shadow World Enflamed is almost ready

We got our proofs of Shadow World Enflamed last week and we’re just about done with the edits. Then it’s just a matter of doing the revisions to the file and reformatting it for printing. Then we will order a second proof to make sure everything looks good and there isn’t anything else wrong with it. We hope to have it available before the end of the month.

The first book of the Shadow World Chronicles, Shadow World Revealed, starts in current time in Nashville, Tennessee. But things start getting strange for some of the people there. After a while, you are introduced to Shadow World. There is a lot that happens in this first book.

Then book two, Shadow World Beginnings, is actually a prequel to the first book, but you don’t want to read it first or it will ruin some of the surprises in the first book. This book actually tells the story of Shadow World that leads up to how these people ended up in Nashville and it answers some of the questions still left from book one.

Shadow World Enflamed picks up where book one left off. We do still need to write the preface for this book, so that if it’s been a while between the reading of book one and book three, the reader can get a reminder of what’s going on.

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