Shadow World Beginnings

Shadow World Chronicles Book 2

An Urban Fantasy Novel

by Martin Golson

Shadow World Beginnings is really a prequel to Shadow World Revealed. But if you read them out of order, many of the surprises in the first book will be ruined. So be sure to read them in the correct order.

Shadow World Beginnings is the story of how the war from Shadow World started and how it came to earth. There is conflict and war, with some humor mixed in, along with some sadness, too. What good fantasy story wouldn’t have all of these elements?

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Shadow World Beginnings

Preview and Overview

14 Chapters

400 Pages

A prophecy, a lie, and a chance encounter set in motion a chain of events that threaten to bring Shadow World to ruin.

Illomen saves a life and unwittingly brings a prophecy to pass. Now, war has begun. Whether battling from the backs of dragons, high above Shadow World; storming through the passages below Ciardha Crag; or fighting across the fiery pits of Hell; he must use every resource at his disposal to win. While Illomen struggles to save his world, he finds that his opponent uses treachery, cruelty, and magic unlike any the world has ever seen to fight against him. As the war intensifies, his foe sets his sight on a new target, Earth.

In this prequel to Shadow World Revealed, the reader meets the Dark Lord and discovers the true stakes for the invasion of Earth.

Wonderful follow-up to a great first book.

5-star rating

Full disclosure: Martin is my brother. That said, I have thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in this series.

I love the characters and how the story keeps me guessing. I think I see one thing that will happen out of the many plot thread woven in these books. I say think because I’m not sure and will have wait for at least one more book to see if I’m right.

The story is engaging and pulls me along. I hate putting it down when life calls me to other concerns. I’m eagerly looking forward to the next one.


5-star rating
The book starts at a fast fun, speeds up to a sprint and then maintains that speed or somehow finds a way to go faster throughout the whole book. The characters have such depth and the story draws you in and never lets go.

Read it đŸ˜‰

5-star rating
Incredibly well-written! A must read 

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Shadow World Beginnings 2nd Edition

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