Shadow World Beginnings Excerpt

Shadow World Beginnings Excerpt

This is my favorite Shadow World Beginnings excerpt. It’s not much, however, it still gives a flavor of what the book is like. In addition, you can also read the first several pages on the book page.

If you find that you like what you’ve read so far, you can buy the book HERE.

My Favorite Excerpt

On the plateau, north of the valley, hundreds of dragons, with their riders, waited silently with heads bowed in respect to the titan king. Led by Marrock, Illomen, Marcene, and Susan, every rider from Pelantaria had come to bid farewell to a king and a friend.

On the plateau, south of the valley, kings and queens, with their royal courts and all their armies were gathered to bid farewell to their friend and protector. Many tears were silently shed for the loss of one who’d guarded their lives for generations.

On this day, the walls around the free kingdoms stood bare, unguarded by any titan, Pelantarian, or human, for all had come to say goodbye to King Elgonderal. Yet none feared for the safety of their lands, for above the walls flew Xynthralon, God of Dragons, challenging anyone to disrupt the solemnity of the day.

As the sun sank below the horizon, the new king lit the pyre and the titans burst into songs of gratitude for their departed ruler. Far into the night, the valley echoed with songs of good King Elgonderal, dragon-friend, oath-keeper, protector of his people, guardian of humankind, ruthless in battle, bane of the dark riders, and slayer of the traitor-king.

So, have you read Shadow World Beginnings? If so, what is your favorite Shadow World Beginnings excerpt? Feel free to share it in the comments below, or you can just give a reference to what part of the story you like most. Certainly, we would love to hear what you really liked.

Meanwhile, we will try to share another favorite excerpt soon. So be sure to check back, again.

Shadow World Beginnings Excerpt

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