Reading a Dog’s Mind

Reading a dog's mind

I have two spoiled rotten labs (mixed breed, part Rottweiler, part Labrador Retriever). While they are brothers, they are entirely different in so many ways. Duncan is pure black, still pounces around like a puppy, loves playing fetch, and loves to bury his nose against my leg while he is getting petted. His brother Gavin is reddish yellow, trudges along like an old man (I don’t think he would run, even if a tiger was after him), turns up his nose at a ball, and sits stoically in front of me while he is getting petted.

 A couple of days ago, a thunderstorm moved through the area. Gavin calmly lay on the living room rug, barely raising his head as lightning lit the sky. Meanwhile, Duncan went nuts. He raced under the table, wrapping my computer power cable across his chest as he did so. Fortunately, all that did was yank the cord from my computer. He then proceeded to ram his nose against me to get my attention before zooming around the room several times. I tried petting him to calm him down, but the boom of thunder sent him scurrying straight toward me, almost knocking me from my feet.

I had seen enough. Deciding to avoid any damage or injuries, I pointed towards their kennel and shouted, “Bed.” Slowly, they both plodded toward their safe place. Once inside their kennel, the two dogs stared into each other’s eyes, and I could read their thoughts.

Gavin was clearing telling his brother, “If you hadn’t freaked out, we wouldn’t have been sent to bed. I had to get off the nice, comfortable rug because of you.”

To which Duncan replied, “I did not freak out. I was very calmly telling our master, ‘RUN, RUN, WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!’ Don’t blame me for us being sent to bed.”

I love the personalities my dogs bring into the home.

Reading a Dog's Mind

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