About Martin

Who is Martin Golson?

Martin started his storytelling when his children were little. He would tell his own version of classic fairy tales. The children loved how the ending was always different.

As the children grew, Martin would create his own story lines for the family Dungeons & Dragons game. They still remember the fun times they had playing the game together and some of the funny things that happened in the game, such as a monster called Santa Claws.

Martin retired from the military in 2001 and went to college, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and his Master’s degree in Instructional Technology. He now works as the Director of the Academic Support Center at his Alma Mater, helping students achieve their educational goals.

Martin started writing his first book manuscript in 2014. It only took him two to three months to finish the initial transcript. He went on and wrote the initial manuscripts for the next three books in the Shadow World Chronicles series. Finally in early 2016, a concerted effort was made to get the first book ready to publish. Now that the first four books of the Shadow World Chronicles are available for purchase, he is working on writing the fifth and final book to the series, Shadow World Reborn. He plans to have it done in 2020.

When asked what he plans to do after this series, he is quick to reply that he has already started the next series.

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